Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tarte QVC purchase!

Well I didn't purchase this, my mom did but who's counting. QVC offered a one day flash sale on a six piece set of Tarte products in the worlds cutest pink chevron bag. I actually heard about it through sarahbelle93x on her Youtube video.  I knew my mom was a QVC lover so I called her right away begging for this deal and she ordered it and had it sent to my apartment (which is also pink). But anyway it is called the Journey to Natural Beauty and it included six FULL sized products!! It was on sale for about $60 with tax and everything but I have included the prices form the tarte cosmetics website so that you can see what the normal retail price would have been.  

The cutest chevron pink bag! It actually folds open to become larger if needed. 

I couldn't find the bag online but I'd say it's worth about $15 because it's chevron and pink, 2 of my favorite things, and I am obsessed with it!

A close up shot of the back of the bag, it is a straw-like material 

Another close-up of the front of the bag, I am obsessed if you can't tell 

Here is just a shot of all the items that were in the bag 

Here is the airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush with the bag because I wanted to show how cute the handle was with the matching pink pattern!

On Tarte's website this brush retails for $32 which is over half of what I paid for everything! 

This is the Amazonian butter lipstick in plummy rose 

This lipstick actually was not on the website so I think it is a new product featured in the bag but there other lipsticks on the site retail for $26

Swatch of plummy rose

Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation in medium 

This foundation retails for $38 so combined with the brush I have already paid less for all six items than just those two! 

Before rubbing in 

Rubbed in, not a great shot but it is a perfect match on my face!

Amazonian clay blush in the new shade of fearless 

This blush shade is not available on the site yet but the others retail for $26

I have this blush in two other shades and I love it!

Swatch of fearless, again I am sorry for the poor quality picture these were all taken with my iPhone 

Lights, camera, flashes! statement mascara 
This mascara was not available on the site but the others retail for $19
I love the packaging of this!

the brow architect shaper, liner, and definer 

This is also not on the site yet but the other eyebrow products retail for about $20

This is a 3-in-1 eyebrow perfector where you hide strays and shape the brow with the concealer that pulls out from the middle then define with a pencil that come in a universal shade, then comb the brows to stay in place

The pencil is a triangle wedge type shape which is something I have never seen before!

Little booklet cover that came with the bag 

An inside view with a description of all the products 

There was also a little extra sample of Marajcuja Self tanner included!

Overall I am obsessed with this little kit because I love tarte products. I have tried out most of the products and am very happy with them! I am not sure if you can still order this or not. If you were going to pick just one thing to purchase I would recomend one of the blushes! They are super pigmented and I am obsessed with them.


  1. Great subscription box review. I really appreciate that you took pictures of the products in use.