Monday, March 11, 2013

Bountiful Baskets

Bountiful Baskets is my new favorite thing. It is basically a co-op service where you can pay $15 a week to get tons of fresh fruits and veggies! You can also pay $10 extra for an all organic basket. These baskets are offered all over the country so seriously check out your state to see if there is a location near you! It is also all volunteer run which is awesome. There is a $3 charge for your first basket but you never have to pay that again if you order 100 times or never again. That is one thing that is really appealing about Bountiful baskets to me, that you can buy whenever you want and there is no penalty. The pick ups are on Saturdays at all different times depending on your location, mine was at 11:30 am. 

The veggies I recieved were 5 ears of corn, 2 bunches of lettuce, 3 bell peppers, a bunch of asparagus, a bad of cherry tomatoes, and a bag of peas. 

The fruits were 2 cantaloupes, a mango, 4 bananas, and 6 oranges. 

I definitely got my $15 worth! Another thing is to be sure and bring your own bags/boxes/crates or whatever you want because the baskets they put the produce in are reused every week. There are also different add on packs that you can choose from like a guacamole pack and they also offer breads and granola. Go check this out right now and order if they are in your area!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Color of the Year!

Emerald has won Pantone's color of the year! I am a sucker for all things Sephora and when I saw this Color of the Year set I just had to have it. I looked around at all the options and just decided I would get the set rather than just get one item. 

This is a shot of the box with everything inside 

I took another shot of the box because I thought they way it opened was so cute!

Inside there was a Graphic Sculpt Waterproof Jumbo Eyeliner  Color Watt Highlighting Mascara both obviously in Emerald. 

I put both of these on my eye to kind of swatch them, the emerald mascara is kind of crazy so I will have to save it for a special occasion! 

The Color Grid Shadow Block Bionic was my favorite item inside!

It opens really neat and behind it is a mirror perfect for touchups. 

Here is a swatch of the three colors on my eye, and no I did not go out of the house looking like this! As you can see the colors are very pigmented and are beautiful together!

Prismatic Shadow Block 

Inside of the shadow, the texture is almost creamy. 

Last is the Color Cube Lid Stain and Lightspeed Glitter Dust.

A peek inside 

When I first opened everything up I thought this was a gel eyeliner so i stuck my eyeliner brush in and quickly found that it is a very light formula and my brush went right to the bottom! I just wanted to include this in here so you did not make the same mistake I did!

Emerald may not be the easiest color to wear but I am really excited to work it into some of my looks. I am going to Savannah for St. Patrick's day in a couple weekends so I am going to try and work it in there and I also got an emerald dress to wear to formal coming up so hopefully that will be another occasion to break out this fun color! Any look suggestions? I would love to hear any suggestions or tips from anyone! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Conscious Box Promotion Code

I just got an e-mail from Conscious box offering half off your subscription! So that means not just half off one box but if you were to order a 12 month subscription they would charge half of the regular price! This is an awesome deal and I think I am just going to go ahead and sign up for a full year because I have only heard good things about it. If you don't know already, Conscious Box is a monthly subscription service that offers the best natural and eco-friendly products that include beauty, food, and everything in between. They have a classic box, vegan, and gluten free so there is something for everyone! The code is GOCONSCIOUS and is only good TODAY!!! So if you are at all interested go sign up now!! Also use my affiliate link while you're at it since I let you in on such a sweet deal :) 

Not my image!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

SweetHeart VoxBox Review!

Ok so I was chosen to review one of Influenster's VoxBoxes which is basically where if you are active on the site they send you free products to review. It is a really neat site that I would recommend looking at before trying certain things out for honest reviews!

Here is a picture of the box it came in with the super cute heart sticker in the corner!

Information card 

The first item is the new Olay Fresh Effects cleansing system.

Inside were a battery powered face cleanser that is shaped like a triangle and face wash. It is the newest product in the latest trend of vibrating face cleaners and is designed in a contoured shape to deep clean in and around your T-zone, hairline, and nose. 

Next was the Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response deodorant. I really like Secret's Deodorants and this one is no different. It smells awesome and lasts all day!

Many of you may know this popular brand from their alcohol line and this is their newest addition to the Skinny Girl line! These are the Skinny Girl on the go bars in greek yogurt blueberry crisp. I ate this right after I opened the box and it was so good! Love this new product by Skinny girl!

A girl can never have to much hair spray so I was glad to find the Not Your Mother's Hair Spray this in the box. I have used this brand before and loved it. The hair spray smells really good and also holds my hair great. 

This was such a fun box to receive and I am so glad that I was picked by Influenster. Hopefully I will be picked for more so I can do more reviews for everyone!

Friday, March 1, 2013


Ok so I am not sure if I mentioned this but I am in college so my blog posts hit a HUGE halt the past couple of weeks. I have had more tests and papers than I can count and in the midst of all that I received my Popsugar and Goodies box that I didn't even take pictures of let alone write a review because I just did not have time. But I plan on getting back on track. I also received an Influenster VoxBox but I plan to do a full post on that later. But that's all I have to say I just wanted to let y'all know that I haven't completely disappeared! Also I have discovered a new thing I am going to try called Bountiful Baskets it is a co-op where you pay $15 to receive tons of fresh fruit and veggies each week. It varies by location but I will try it out and see if it is worth it and report back. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ipsy bag February 2013!

This is actually my third Ipsy bag but since I just started blogging this will be my fist review!

A little bit about Ipsy is that is $10 a month and you get 4-5 sample and sometimes full size products every month along with a cute little makeup pouch!

It comes shipped in adorable pink bubble-wrap packaging!

Here is my first look at what is inside. The card to the left tells you about the products and every month each company the product is from offers some kind of deal to the subscribers such as 20% off your next purchase or buy one get one free on certain products! I love that added discount bonus from Ipsy. 

A look at everything inside

Here are swatches of the coastal scents sample palette and they are offering 25% off your next purchase!

A sample with the flash, there were two palettes sent out, this one and one with more yellow looking colors in it so I am happier with the one I received! 

Next was a black gel eyeliner from MICA Beauty which is a brand I had never tried before but they are offering a 30% discount on to Ipsy subscribers so I will be checking it out!

Next was the Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara by POPbeauty and they are offering 20% off your next order. I love trying new mascaras so I was very excited to get this!

Next was the Lash Cards that prevent you form getting mascara on your face when applying. I have never tried anything like this so I am interested to see how it works, they are also disposable. They are offering a buy two lash cards get one free deal for Ipsy customers. 

Last was the Pixi flawless and poreless face primer. I always prime my face before applying foundation so this will definitely go to use!

Here is the inside of the little bag

This is not a good picture but it is a shiny black patent material and is much cuter in person! I love getting the little bags and I have last months in purse at all times holding my lip glosses and other small things so it is easier to find them!

Ipsy is one I get super excited for every month and have not been disappointed with yet! One thing that makes it different is that they include the little bag each month. For only $10 a month it is definitely a must try!

Julep Maven Box and Cupid Mystery Box February 2013

 Ok so this is my first month getting a Julep Maven Box and I was so excited! Because you can order your first box for a penny with the code JULEPVIP I also went ahead and splurged on the Cupid mystery box for $19.99 and this is what I received....

My first look into my bombshell intro maven box. Julep has quizzes so that you can determine your style and then they will pick colors according to that but the nice thing is you can look at the other colors available and get a different box if you like those better! 

All close up shot of what's inside 

I got the color Chelsealip balm in spf 15 in vanilla mint, Kathleen and the essential cuticle oil

Cupid mystery box time! As you can see on top I received the one free nail color instead of a holographic color which was fine by me because there are so many colors on the site that I want! I don't know how I am going to choose! I also loved how this raffia was red rather than black for the special cupid box!

Safely packaged in bubble-wrap for safe traveling 

In this box I got a lipgloss which for some reason is not on their Website, the color Morgan which I immediately painted my nails with, Petra which I plan to paint nails with for Valentine's day, Carrie, and finally Maria.

A shot with the flash on, it was hard to get a decent shot of these nail polishes!

Here is just a swatch of the lipgloss, it goes on pretty much clear but looks a little pale pink here on my hand. 

I love love love my new Julep subscription! To order through my invite click on the Julep icon to the right of my page and you can also use my code 7746046 to join under my name! Did everyone else love their Julep box as much as I did? Or get anything else worth sharing? Also comment with any questions below!