Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Julep Maven Box and Cupid Mystery Box February 2013

 Ok so this is my first month getting a Julep Maven Box and I was so excited! Because you can order your first box for a penny with the code JULEPVIP I also went ahead and splurged on the Cupid mystery box for $19.99 and this is what I received....

My first look into my bombshell intro maven box. Julep has quizzes so that you can determine your style and then they will pick colors according to that but the nice thing is you can look at the other colors available and get a different box if you like those better! 

All close up shot of what's inside 

I got the color Chelsealip balm in spf 15 in vanilla mint, Kathleen and the essential cuticle oil

Cupid mystery box time! As you can see on top I received the one free nail color instead of a holographic color which was fine by me because there are so many colors on the site that I want! I don't know how I am going to choose! I also loved how this raffia was red rather than black for the special cupid box!

Safely packaged in bubble-wrap for safe traveling 

In this box I got a lipgloss which for some reason is not on their Website, the color Morgan which I immediately painted my nails with, Petra which I plan to paint nails with for Valentine's day, Carrie, and finally Maria.

A shot with the flash on, it was hard to get a decent shot of these nail polishes!

Here is just a swatch of the lipgloss, it goes on pretty much clear but looks a little pale pink here on my hand. 

I love love love my new Julep subscription! To order through my invite click on the Julep icon to the right of my page and you can also use my code 7746046 to join under my name! Did everyone else love their Julep box as much as I did? Or get anything else worth sharing? Also comment with any questions below! 

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