Sunday, February 10, 2013

Biotin Pills

Ok so I had heard about people taking the vitamin Biotin to grow out their hair, nails, and to help their complexion. All of those things obviously sound great so I was very intrigued. Anyway I was at Target the other day and I went to look for some and it was like THIRTEEN dollars for a tiny bottle so I of course was like no no no. So I was a little disappointed but I just couldn't justify that price for something I don't even know will work. So anyway I ended up going to Kroger that day and happened to check their vitamin aisle and guess what??!! All the vitamins were buy one get one FREE! Who doesn't love a good buy one get one sale? So I ended up getting the Kroger brand of Biotin just to save some money and it was $7.50. Much better deal than at Target and there were also 120 pills in the bottle! So naturally I got two because I don't really know anything about vitamins and I didn't know what other kind to get.  So now I am the proud owner of 240 Biotin pills. Needless to say I hope it works! Also the serving is three pills which is kind of a lot and the pills are HUGE! Like choke every time I take them huge. But I really want to see if they work so I am currently on day three of choking back the worlds largest pills. Hey beauty is pain. Have any of yall tried Biotin? Did you have good results?

Kroger Biotin Pills 

Here is a size comparison picture, I couldn't find a quarter so I figured a peppermint would be a nice alternative

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