Monday, February 11, 2013

Drugstore Makeup Haul

So as I said earlier I have been checking out other people's blogs and hauls and that inspired me to do a little shopping.  A lot of these items I heard about through blogs and others I just wanted to try for myself. 

Here is a shot of everything I will be reviewing 

First I got two new brushes from e.l.f. 

On the left is a powder brush and on the right is the eyeliner brush that is not on their website, the powder brush was $3 and the eyeliner was $1 

I had read many reviews about the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain so I got two in the colors Crush (center) and Honey (right) and they were $7.99 but I got them buy one get one half off 

The Covergirl jumbo gloss balm on the left I just picked up for fun it is in Watermelon Twist and it was $6.99

Flash (in order they appear above)

No flash

The honey revlon color is by far my favorite because it is the most wearable color for everyday use and it lasts forever!

Next I got the Rimmel match perfection foundation in the color 230 warm ivory and the match perfection concealer in 335 light/medium 

The link says they retail for $6.99 and $5.99 but I got mine about $2 cheaper at Wal-Mart!

Then I picked up the NYC color wheel mosaic face powder in 722 translucent highlighter glow shade so I could set my foundation which I did with the powder brush up above. It was $4.99

The L'Oreal Lineur Intense felt tip eyeliner is my absolute favorite liquid liner of all time! It is the easiest to put on and I wear it almost everyday. I got mine for $8.99. Seriously if you are looking for a new liquid liner give this one a shot.

I have very unruly eyebrows and have been using the Anastasia Brow gel but it is $21 so I picked up the elf lash and brow clear gel to try out because it was only $1! I will be using both sides for my eyebrow because I can't tell the difference between the lash or eyebrow gel or the brushes. 

Last but not least I had to try out the Nivea lip butter because I had heard so many great things about it.  Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban mom loves it so much she is including it in her February Favortie things giveaway! I picked up the flavors caramel cream kiss and vanilla and macadamia which is not pictured becuase I left one in my car to use. I love these!! They smell awesome and now I want to go back and try the raspberry flavor as well! These were $3.50 each but when I was at CVS last night I noticed they had a promotion for 2 for $5! I don't know why I didn't stock up then. 

Ok so that's all I have for this post but I am constantly buying new drugstore makeup to try so I am sure there will be a new post up soon. Anyone have any suggestions to what I should try out and review next? Enjoy! 

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