Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Color of the Year!

Emerald has won Pantone's color of the year! I am a sucker for all things Sephora and when I saw this Color of the Year set I just had to have it. I looked around at all the options and just decided I would get the set rather than just get one item. 

This is a shot of the box with everything inside 

I took another shot of the box because I thought they way it opened was so cute!

Inside there was a Graphic Sculpt Waterproof Jumbo Eyeliner  Color Watt Highlighting Mascara both obviously in Emerald. 

I put both of these on my eye to kind of swatch them, the emerald mascara is kind of crazy so I will have to save it for a special occasion! 

The Color Grid Shadow Block Bionic was my favorite item inside!

It opens really neat and behind it is a mirror perfect for touchups. 

Here is a swatch of the three colors on my eye, and no I did not go out of the house looking like this! As you can see the colors are very pigmented and are beautiful together!

Prismatic Shadow Block 

Inside of the shadow, the texture is almost creamy. 

Last is the Color Cube Lid Stain and Lightspeed Glitter Dust.

A peek inside 

When I first opened everything up I thought this was a gel eyeliner so i stuck my eyeliner brush in and quickly found that it is a very light formula and my brush went right to the bottom! I just wanted to include this in here so you did not make the same mistake I did!

Emerald may not be the easiest color to wear but I am really excited to work it into some of my looks. I am going to Savannah for St. Patrick's day in a couple weekends so I am going to try and work it in there and I also got an emerald dress to wear to formal coming up so hopefully that will be another occasion to break out this fun color! Any look suggestions? I would love to hear any suggestions or tips from anyone! 

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